About Morgan&Tina

MORGAN & TINA, a designer brand originated from Scandinavia, integrates art into life as its concept, and pays tribute to the connection between art and civilization by creating everyday essentials aesthetic, conveying the brand message of combining brand art with life.

MORGAN & TINA Art Painting Bath Towel: Nordic Mythology Series, inspired by Nordic mythology, reinterprets the brand's perception of the origin of the world and the nine realms in Norse Mythology through the designer’s illustrations, and uses a bath towel as a carrier to break through the boundary between art and craft.

MORGAN & TINA Second Skin Bath Towel and Art Painting Bath Towel are made of high-density plush soft fleece and cotton, using the new AIR pillow technology. With an unconventional unique plus size dimension of 1400mm*1400mm, with high absorbent and skin-friendly characteristics, it improves your quality of life and allows you to indulge in ultimate relaxation.

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